Pendle Hill, Lancashire

The Pendle Witches are a legendary heart of the countryside of Pendle, in North Lancashire.  We set off from Barley Car Park on our 6 mile walk.   The climb up was steep and long but magnificent views, waterfalls and scenery on route.  This was our view descending down into the valley returning back to Barley, near Borrowford.


Singing Ringing Tree – Penopticon

The Singing Ringing Tree, is at Crown Point, on open land near Dunnockshaw Lancashire.   The wind was strong as I took this photo so we could just hear the strange accoustic sounds blowing through the tubes.  Designed by Architect Tonk Liu, its wind powered sound is sculptured like a tree, hence its name.   There are still more Penopticons in the North, so I’m slowly catching up on photos, whenever we find walks in the area.




‘The Atom’ – Penopticon at Wycoller

Armed with my camera on a walk around Wycoller Country Park, Pendle, I made a return visit to view this Penopticon shape called ‘The Atom”.   Its unusual oval shape and the sun shining through its portholes, gave this optical view of interior reflections.   There’s a few of these Penopticon shapes in the North of England.  A while back I tried to photo them all as a collection, but it’s still a project waiting to be finalised.

Numbered Finger Posts

Numbered Finger Posts

I didn’t know there was lengendary history behind the Victorian Numbered Finger Posts of Westmorland.  The earliest was made at the Victorian Foundry of Penrith in 1894.   Apparently only 2 remain out of the original 6 posts.   This  photo is of Finger Post 5 and was seen on our walk along the shores of Arnside towards New Barns/Silverdale.   (It was restored by David Gosling a sign post restorer.)  Nice to see a bit of history continuing into the present for local walkers.




White Hill, Saddleworth

Just when we thought the snow was over for winter we get another fall. This time its the Big Freeze.  Walking in deep snow is a new experience for me.  Sinking knee deep on top of White Hill, felt more like an Arctic Expedition.   White Hill is on the borders of Saddleworth and West Yorkshire from Ripponden Road.  It’s going to be a challenge composing music to accompany my video on this one.

A Frosty Walk – Littleborough

We had our first snowy walk just after Boxing Day, but it seems the frosty weather has been lingering  ever since.  With biting cold temperatures as well, it was more a question of not hanging around too long for photos.   My music “Frosty-snow” accompanies my video of the bleak terrains of Blackstone Edge near Littlborough. The sun seting over Littleborough at The White House’ brought a nice end to the day.

Naden Valley Walk

One thing about countryside walking is the sights captured on route.  Our Naden Valley Rochdale walk did just that.  We passed a Ram with an enticing look in its eye, almost as if to say  ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ‘  So here’s looking at you too.

Clitheroe Food Festival

A recent Food Festival at Clitheroe had all the trimmings for eager customers.   Always popular as a local event and growing annually.  The aroma of hot food from hot-dogs to Cakes.  It’s an annual event with music and entertainment, but most of all with atmosphere and enthusiasm.  All captured on my camera and videos.

Frosted by Magic

A local Dance performance to remember.  Amy and her Tangled Dance Company during  her performance at Heaton Hall in “Frosted By Magic”.  We followed a dramatic storyline of dance movements through the rooms of Heaton Hall.  A most enjoyable event with a change of mood in each setting.


After the Festive Season

Its out on the hills to work off the Festive indulgencies.  The New Year of 2018 brought icy snow to challenge a walk on Blackstone Edge near Littleborough in Lancashire.  But plenty of photographic ideas for my next music video to produce.

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