Clitheroe Festival

Whether its a Food or Music Festivals, the two came together at Clitheroe.  This carnival atmosphere was visible from Clitheroe Castle Grounds of the High Street.  Every year the crowds get bigger.  Very popular.


Smooth Moments

Finally produced an Album on soundtracks recorded for my country walking videos.  ‘Smooth Moments’  has ambient relaxing music from 8 of my videos on country walking. Now available on

Healey Dell

Walking and composing music inspire each other for me.  This is one of the views from Healey Dell, the latest music video now on Facebook –

The Huddersfield Canal


Composing and recording music as soundtracks is finding the right style.  With my Huddersfield Canal video walk  it was just piano easy going with the sound of water and birds.

All Tied Up


All tied up and nowhere to go.  Its a dog’s life waiting for someone to return at a Festival.  I bet this dogs thinking “I’d rather be anywhere than at a loud Music Festival, and on double yellow lines”!

Wise Owl

What I like about Music Festivals are the various sideline distractions.  There were a few on display to attract the crowds.   I’m not sure about the musical abilities of Owls but they certainly know how to respond to music,

Worldwise Samba Drummers


Watched an all drumming band at this year’s Jazz Festival in Clitheroe.  It’s tribal beat had us all moving to an infectuuous rhythme.




A cumbersome looking instrument which looked awkward to manouver into position.  Nevertheless I thought it’s impressive shape matched it’s sound as we watched the Lancashire Youth Street Band perform.

Headphones For Babies


A protective spectator ensure his baby is well prepared to withstand the music of an energetic Brass Bands.  This year’s annual Ribble Valley Jazz Festival at Clitheroe in Lancashire.

Beatbox Boy


I saw this Street Busker around Manchester Market Street doing his own ‘Thing’.  Somewhere between the grunts and snorts I’m sure I heard vocals thrown in  ‘It’s Unbelievable.

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