Dowsing for Music


You can never tell what’s going to turn up at Festivals.  Dressed in fancy outfits complete with dowsing sticks there was a magnetic pull in my direction!!   It all adds to the atmosphere of a community spirit of music.


To Be or Not To Be!

ELVIS PRESLEY 2016-01-25 025

It would be a surprise to find these three celebrities at a cinema box office queue, (including the one in the box).  A realistic wall murial stood out in a side street of Knaresborough.  Effective, but maybe a stretch too far with the imagination.

Traditional Music

Traditional Music

AN ACCORDINIST at Festival of Folk 2014-05-10 102Some styles of music never fade, but remain lovingly part of tradition.  It seems this Accordinist remains in touch with traditional folklore as he performs with his fellow musicians.

Myths and Tradition


Myths from traditional folklore continue from each generation.  My musical journies into Yorkhire, took me to another world to discover how each style of dance had its own story to tell.

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