On The Move

On The Move

I saw this sight passing by in the centre of Oldham during a Music Festival.  A stall with walking legs concealed by its wares.  What a novel idea for a market stall on the move.   Not sure what was being sold, but it captures the imagination.


Chopin or Shopping

4 Commercial Music 2014-04-30 007

Is it Chopin or Shopping?  I saw this display in a gift shop of the Lowry Theatre.  A gimicky promotion maybe, but it’s one way of bringing Chopin to the Commercial world of shoppers.

A Festive Stall

FESTIVAL STALL Manchester Jazz Festival 2015-10-10 023

Market stalls come as part of the scene at Music Festivals.  This one was entertaining with the Weird and Wonderful look. Captured my imagination from the hippy music days.

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