Beatbox Boy


I saw this Street Busker around Manchester Market Street doing his own ‘Thing’.  Somewhere between the grunts and snorts I’m sure I heard vocals thrown in  ‘It’s Unbelievable.


Costume and Culture

Costume and Music Holmfirth Festival of Folk 2014-05-10 061

Folk Festivals bring costume and culture together.  This Mexican dancer came alive with her traditional performance at one of the Holmfirth Festivals in Yorkshire.

A Festive Stall

FESTIVAL STALL Manchester Jazz Festival 2015-10-10 023

Market stalls come as part of the scene at Music Festivals.  This one was entertaining with the Weird and Wonderful look. Captured my imagination from the hippy music days.

Traditional Music

Traditional Music

AN ACCORDINIST at Festival of Folk 2014-05-10 102Some styles of music never fade, but remain lovingly part of tradition.  It seems this Accordinist remains in touch with traditional folklore as he performs with his fellow musicians.

Ballet Dancers

Ballet Dancers 2014-08-09 007

‘Practice makes perfect’ so they say, but where else to practice than on the High Street of a town called Clitheroe.   The actual performance venue may have been somewhere else, but they still entertained us.

Myths and Tradition


Myths from traditional folklore continue from each generation.  My musical journies into Yorkhire, took me to another world to discover how each style of dance had its own story to tell.

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