Dance Celebration


An enlightening BBC Documentary covered the ballet career of Darcy Bussell.  Darcy’s  contemporary performance with her partner Jonathan Cope, was captivating with artistic movements. 


Glastonbury Sunset


A glorious sunset shone over Glastonbury Music Festival 2016.  The highlight of a really fantastic weekend of Bands and music performing on the Pyramid Stage. (

Costume and Culture

Costume and Music Holmfirth Festival of Folk 2014-05-10 061

Folk Festivals bring costume and culture together.  This Mexican dancer came alive with her traditional performance at one of the Holmfirth Festivals in Yorkshire.

Traditional Music

Traditional Music

AN ACCORDINIST at Festival of Folk 2014-05-10 102Some styles of music never fade, but remain lovingly part of tradition.  It seems this Accordinist remains in touch with traditional folklore as he performs with his fellow musicians.

The Blues

“Blues America” revealed the history of the blues.  How those folks back in slavery years expressed themselves through their musical instruments.   With the likes of “Muddy Waters” being just one of many  to emerge.

The Blues(Photo taken through shop window at Clitheroe Festival)

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