On The Move

On The Move

I saw this sight passing by in the centre of Oldham during a Music Festival.  A stall with walking legs concealed by its wares.  What a novel idea for a market stall on the move.   Not sure what was being sold, but it captures the imagination.

Dowsing for Music


You can never tell what’s going to turn up at Festivals.  Dressed in fancy outfits complete with dowsing sticks there was a magnetic pull in my direction!!   It all adds to the atmosphere of a community spirit of music.

Happy Christmas


A reindeer message.  Wishing all Followers the very best for Christmas and The New Year. Thanks for support. Shanita.

(filmed at Summerseat Garden Centre, Bury Lancashire)

Brass Monkeys Festival


On a Christmas shopping spree I got distracted by the sound of music everywhere.    This Band got my attention with dancers and children joining in with the music.  It’s the annual Winter event of the Brass Monkeys Festival  in Oldham.


Music Festival Stall

Music Festival Stall

Same time same place.  This Festive Stall in the park, at Marsden Festival reappeared in all it’s eccentricity as the year before.

Marsden Festival – The Parade

The Bugle at Marsden Jazz Festival

I wouldnt be sure what kind of instrument this is.  If anyone knows the name of this bugle like instrument please let me know. (seen at recent Marsden Jazz Festival – The Parade and in my video)


Marsden Jazz Festival

Marsden Jazz Festival - Street Band Battle


The highlights from Marsden Jazz Festival has to be the Street Band Battle.  What I liked was the mix and hint of two styles of genres.  The video for this band’s performance is on  my Music in Ciy Life channel.


Mexican Dancers

Mexican Dancers Holmefirth Folk Festival 2013-05-11 016

Far from their native land in Mexico,  traditional Mexican Dancers brought lively rhythm and dance to the cold damp streets of Holmfirth.

To Be or Not To Be!

ELVIS PRESLEY 2016-01-25 025

It would be a surprise to find these three celebrities at a cinema box office queue, (including the one in the box).  A realistic wall murial stood out in a side street of Knaresborough.  Effective, but maybe a stretch too far with the imagination.

Pub Art

Pub Art at Buck & Union Oldham 2015-09-14 007

I thought this Pub’s piano keys stood out in the high street of Oldham. I wasn’t sure what the link was to the pub name however.  Maybe it’s a union of Karioki Pub Singers to traditional singalongs !! 

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