A cumbersome looking instrument which looked awkward to manouver into position.  Nevertheless I thought it’s impressive shape matched it’s sound as we watched the Lancashire Youth Street Band perform.


Marsden Festival – The Parade

The Bugle at Marsden Jazz Festival

I wouldnt be sure what kind of instrument this is.  If anyone knows the name of this bugle like instrument please let me know. (seen at recent Marsden Jazz Festival – The Parade and in my video)

Organ Pipes

ORGAN PIPES (22-04-2014 20-26) (296x167)

An audio music clip of an Organ, can be effective in computer music production, not that I have experimented yet, but the debate between live and electronic music goes on.  Either way, it seems the Organ as an instrument, still has a place in Churches and other venues.  These majestic pipes sit in the Chapel Royal Greenwich, symbolising the awesome music that only they can produce.



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