Dowsing for Music


You can never tell what’s going to turn up at Festivals.  Dressed in fancy outfits complete with dowsing sticks there was a magnetic pull in my direction!!   It all adds to the atmosphere of a community spirit of music.


Marsden Jazz Festival

Marsden Jazz Festival - Street Band Battle


The highlights from Marsden Jazz Festival has to be the Street Band Battle.  What I liked was the mix and hint of two styles of genres.  The video for this band’s performance is on  my Music in Ciy Life channel.

Glastonbury Sunset


A glorious sunset shone over Glastonbury Music Festival 2016.  The highlight of a really fantastic weekend of Bands and music performing on the Pyramid Stage. (

A Festive Stall

FESTIVAL STALL Manchester Jazz Festival 2015-10-10 023

Market stalls come as part of the scene at Music Festivals.  This one was entertaining with the Weird and Wonderful look. Captured my imagination from the hippy music days.

BRIT Awards

Watched Ed Sheeran’s performance at the recent Brit Awards.  Loved his own duel vocal harmonies during ‘Blood Stream’.  So impressed. Wow !

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