Clitheroe Festival – Grace Davies

Grace Davies sang at one of our annual visits to Clithero Festival.  I remember taking these photos  way back in 2013.  If she is the same Grace as XFactor finalist, what a remarkable coincidence and journey to travel.   Such an achievement, and well deserved talent.


Clitheroe Festival

Whether its a Food or Music Festivals, the two came together at Clitheroe.  This carnival atmosphere was visible from Clitheroe Castle Grounds of the High Street.  Every year the crowds get bigger.  Very popular.

The Huddersfield Canal


Composing and recording music as soundtracks is finding the right style.  With my Huddersfield Canal video walk  it was just piano easy going with the sound of water and birds.

Headphones For Babies


A protective spectator ensure his baby is well prepared to withstand the music of an energetic Brass Bands.  This year’s annual Ribble Valley Jazz Festival at Clitheroe in Lancashire.

A Celebration


My love of music covers all styles, including iconic performers. Over Christmas the BBC interviewed Dame Shirley Bassey and her remarkable career span.  It was also a special celebration in recognition of Shirley’s 80th Birthday in January.  Fabulous vocal longevity, and in her own words. “How do you keep the Music Playing”.

Brass Monkeys Festival


On a Christmas shopping spree I got distracted by the sound of music everywhere.    This Band got my attention with dancers and children joining in with the music.  It’s the annual Winter event of the Brass Monkeys Festival  in Oldham.

Costume and Culture

Costume and Music Holmfirth Festival of Folk 2014-05-10 061

Folk Festivals bring costume and culture together.  This Mexican dancer came alive with her traditional performance at one of the Holmfirth Festivals in Yorkshire.

Mexican Dancers

Mexican Dancers Holmefirth Folk Festival 2013-05-11 016

Far from their native land in Mexico,  traditional Mexican Dancers brought lively rhythm and dance to the cold damp streets of Holmfirth.

Pub Art

Pub Art at Buck & Union Oldham 2015-09-14 007

I thought this Pub’s piano keys stood out in the high street of Oldham. I wasn’t sure what the link was to the pub name however.  Maybe it’s a union of Karioki Pub Singers to traditional singalongs !! 

Grand and Classic

Grand Piano Chatsworth Hall 2014-08-23 006

A piano in a track arrangement can bring a touch of sophistication.  This grand piano takes prominence at Chatsworth Hall as an expensive Steinways, with invites for public playing. You could say its the Rolls Royce of all pianos.  Needless to say with a little encouragement, I couldn’t resist the luxury of this Rolls Royce


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