White Hill, Saddleworth

Just when we thought the snow was over for winter we get another fall. This time its the Big Freeze.  Walking in deep snow is a new experience for me.  Sinking knee deep on top of White Hill, felt more like an Arctic Expedition.   White Hill is on the borders of Saddleworth and West Yorkshire from Ripponden Road.  It’s going to be a challenge composing music to accompany my video on this one.


After the Festive Season

Its out on the hills to work off the Festive indulgencies.  The New Year of 2018 brought icy snow to challenge a walk on Blackstone Edge near Littleborough in Lancashire.  But plenty of photographic ideas for my next music video to produce.

Saddleworth Canal Walk

Just completed another Music Video on Uppermill Saddleworth.  Its part of our territory for frequent Canal Walks.  Also interesting to notice how many Canal and River Enthusiasts there are supporting Canals.  Heres some of the reflective views well known to locals on route.

All Tied Up


All tied up and nowhere to go.  Its a dog’s life waiting for someone to return at a Festival.  I bet this dogs thinking “I’d rather be anywhere than at a loud Music Festival, and on double yellow lines”!

Wise Owl

What I like about Music Festivals are the various sideline distractions.  There were a few on display to attract the crowds.   I’m not sure about the musical abilities of Owls but they certainly know how to respond to music,

Headphones For Babies


A protective spectator ensure his baby is well prepared to withstand the music of an energetic Brass Bands.  This year’s annual Ribble Valley Jazz Festival at Clitheroe in Lancashire.

Dance Celebration


An enlightening BBC Documentary covered the ballet career of Darcy Bussell.  Darcy’s  contemporary performance with her partner Jonathan Cope, was captivating with artistic movements. 

A Festive Mood

Dog at Marsden Festival

If a dog could talk I woulder what this one would say.   By the expression on this dog’s face probably ‘a Festival Gig’s no place for me’!

Music Festival – Camera with A View


Marsden Jazz Festival wasn’t short on photographers including myself.   On a mission to capture that elusive shot. Whose photographing who at music events?


Country Life


Here’s a view from a walk around Crompton Moor in Rochdale.  Its one of the scenes from my music video Lancashire Crompton Moor.   http://www.youtube.com/user/shanitalee80/videos

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