Dance Celebration


An enlightening BBC Documentary covered the ballet career of Darcy Bussell.  Darcy’s  contemporary performance with her partner Jonathan Cope, was captivating with artistic movements. 


Brass Monkeys Festival


On a Christmas shopping spree I got distracted by the sound of music everywhere.    This Band got my attention with dancers and children joining in with the music.  It’s the annual Winter event of the Brass Monkeys Festival  in Oldham.

Mexican Dancers

Mexican Dancers Holmefirth Folk Festival 2013-05-11 016

Far from their native land in Mexico,  traditional Mexican Dancers brought lively rhythm and dance to the cold damp streets of Holmfirth.

Street Dancing


STREET PERFORMER Piccadilly Dancer 2013-09-28 001

Street Busking is always around us in Piccadilly Manchester.  What I like most is the way crowds get involved with the moment.  Take this passer-by who got so wrapped up with the music, he danced  for the fun of it.


VIOLINIST 2014-05-18 002

On a warm summer’s day, wandering through a local park festival, I saw this Violinist and his Guitar mate playing music.  The crowds meandered by, but these musicians were lost in the enjoyment of their own music.

Frozen in Time

So easy to be lost in the mad rush of a crowd.    One way to stand out  is to do the opposite and stand still.  This video was taken in St Ann’s Square in Manchester.

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